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We all have dreams of a better tomorrow but without good health and quality of life, those dreams can become a nightmare.

Imagine a world where your health and wellbeing care is designed to help you achieve your best life.
WELLcare is your personal coach on your wellbeing journey, providing you with wellness and medical benefits to improve your health.

Peace of Mind


1) Your Journey begins here:2) Unique & Affordable:
I matterNeeds Analysis
Personalised benefitsNutrional Education & guidance
Freedom to chooseAccess to advice

3) Easy to understand benefits:4) Help when you need it:
Telephonic consultationQueries resolution
Access to informationImmediate escalation
Rights & responsibilitiesComplaints & disputes

5) Informed Choices:
Understanding benefits
Understanding terminology
Bespoke care registrations

The WELLcare Difference

Costs less than a Cold drink a day.

Benefit design to suit YOUR wellbeing needs

Services can be accessed online or onsite, whichever is most convenient for you.

A national footprint of wellbeing professionals at your service.

Extensive array of services to improve your health and support your wellbeing journey.

YourWELLcare Benefits

Benefit DescriptionBenefit
Health & wellbeing screenings and careUnlimited
Trauma counselling4 sessions per event
“Life-Happens” counselling4 sessions per event
Lifestyle coaching:4 sessions per event
Life coaching4 sessions per event
Doctor visits 
In-person4 visits per annum
Nurse careUnlimited
 Acute100% of agreed rate
Over the counter100% of agreed rate
ChronicR130 per event to a max of R390 per member per annum
(7 conditions)100% of agreed rate
Disease / HIV managementLifestyle coaching & counselling.
ARV’s antibiotics, prophylactics, supplements
100% of agreed rate
Radiology100% of agreed rate
Pathology100% of agreed rate
Maternity2x2D Scans per pregnancy per annum plus pathology, medication, and antenatal care
AmbulancePrivate ambulance and transportation and stabilisation at the scene of the emergency
Trauma StabilisationCasualty treatment: R17,850
In-hospital treatment: R350,000

WELLcare Pricing (VAT inclusive)
For LESS than a Cold drink a day

SPOUSE or PARTNER - R239 (additional)
Ages 11 year to 21 years - R124 (additional)
Infant to 10 years - R99 (additional)
The above contributions are paid monthly by the participant via debit order. 

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